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How PLM Allowed Mud Pie To Grow

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Growth is a wonderful problem to have but managing it effectively requires structure. How can technology like PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) help brands manage all the moving parts of product development in the context of growth?

Watch our webinar, hosted by The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA), to find out the answer from Centric’s customer Mud Pie, a leading gift company and manufacturer of childrenswear, fashion and home accessories. Mud Pie used Centric PLM to successfully manage their incredible expansion taking them from a small business selling a handful of items to selling products to more than 16,000 retailers!

Katherine Bennie, Senior Home Merchandiser from Mud Pie, will share the brand’s winning strategy and results, and you’ll also learn:

– How to manage growth and its challenges
– How to add more categories without adding complexity
– How to decide when you need PLM

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